How to get 360 waves

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How to get 360 waves

Welcome to the world of wave patterns, offering four distinct styles: 180, 360, 540, and 720 waves. Each caters to unique preferences with specialized brushing methods.

The 180 pattern, the beginning of all wave patterns, is the simplest to attain. It requires brushing from the crown to the front of your head.

The 360 wave pattern, arguably the most popular, is the second simplest to achieve. It can be combined with a swirl or a beehive pattern in the crown area, offering two different crown formations.

The elite 540 and 720 wave patterns demand time and patience. The 540 pattern covers your entire head, similar to the 360, but involves more angles, creating a kaleidoscopic effect. The 720 waves are slanted to one side, ensuring coverage all over.

Brushing Techniques and Types

The key to achieving or maintaining waves is your brush. You’ll need a soft, medium, and hard brush, each serving a unique purpose in the wave process. The medium brush is your main tool, helping build a strong foundation for deep waves. The soft brush evenly distributes products like pomade and oils, ensuring a great hold and shine. The hard brush is used for washing and styling your hair, brushing in the direction of your chosen wave pattern.

Begin your daily routine with the medium brush, addressing your hair after using the durag overnight. Most wave enthusiasts use their medium brush twice a day to establish connections and depth. After brushing, you can apply products and then use your soft brush. This routine can also be done the night before to save time in the morning. Once a week, wash your hair with your hard brush, brushing in the same direction as your medium brush. Achieving waves requires patience and time, but the results are worth the effort.

Durags and Stocking Caps

When choosing a durag, look for breathable material with long straps for easy tying. Options include cotton, silk, and velvet. For beginners, a silk durag is recommended as they are readily available and affordable.

How to get 360 waves